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  1. Apologies received, thank you. The meeting was lively and well attended with new members attending and joining.

  1. The new signs have been noticed. Yipee!

  2. There have been some volunteers for cleaning and checking the Bus shelter. Also Ray is looking into putting something across the bottom to reduce the amount of leaves and rubbish that collects on the floor. Also the Defibrillator needs checking over every now and again.

  3. Any other 'Watch' that you feel you would like to be 'Alerted' to or are interested in, for the Devon and Cornwall Alert messaging, let me know. It is easy to update/change.

  4. Members. We have two new members the Whitton family at Hustyn Mill and the Hawkey family at Higher Pengelly Cross, a warm welcome to Burlawn. We have £45 and I take 10p per copy for printing.

  5. We continue to be harassed by annoying phone scams and this doesn't seem to be letting up! Everyone seems to be doing the right thing and just rowing the phone in the pond! But seriously they can be worrying as they seem to be such reasonable and authentic sounding people on the phone.

    Just as you would expect someone from your bank to be.

    But that is the 'art' of a 'con artist' 'confidence trickster'. Remember they are after your money by hook or crook. They are criminals.

    Do register your land line with BT or your suppler for the Telephone Preference Service. Warning I have received Scam calls saying they are from the TPS!! These started appearing in 2018 I believe. ALWAYS put the phone down, wait and use your other phone if you have mobile and land line. Usually it is best to ignore these calls. But definitely worth making a note of the number and dates. Your can block numbers on your land line and mobile phone.

    Some of you may be aware that I am a producer at the Thursday produce market in the Town Hall. I mention this as (although it is in town)we have had some thefts, unfortunately from the same producer and goods worth over £50. A report was made and Pete Sobye did come and speak to us. And since then PC Amy Honeywell has popped into the market a few times.

Some good news Bex and Mike are expecting their first baby. Congratulations to the happy couple.

Bex is the chair of the Residents Association and is looking for a replacement. She says she is not in any hurry. However, if you think you may like to have a go, there is very little to do and as you see only one meeting a year. Email Bex for more info,.

And of course a big thank you again to Bex for hosting the meeting in Hawksfield nursery, biscuits, tea and coffe always supplied.

The Residents Association meeting followed.

A big thank you to everyone who attended and those that couldnt attend this time.

Sally Green Burlawn NHW coordinator.